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"I was having an issue at work which was affecting both my ability to perform my role and my wellbeing. From the first session, Nora put my mind at ease and the sessions just flowed.

Through this coaching, I have learnt a great deal about my strengths, I have identified a clear direction for my next steps to challenge the work issues and move forward in a positive frame of mind. 

I am most grateful for Nora's guidance. I have come such a long way in knowing myself and understanding the things that I can put into practice in my workplace, the things that motivate me, and the things that prevent me from progressing.


My confidence and motivation have also improved."

PB, Senior Executive

"Nora has provided a series of six coaching sessions for one of my managers. 


I have to say, I have been delighted with the change in the manager over the three month period. 


He has acquired a number of additional skills that have already served him well in a number of key areas


The manager's increase in confidence and ability to deal effectively with difficult situations has been measurable. 


Already a high-performer, his potential is now being fully realised."

AW, Operations Manager

"From the very first session, I was made to feel comfortable, the discussions were engaging and the techniques used helped me not only in my work life, but also my every day personal life.


At the beginning, I was unsure what to expect, but the aim was clearly explained and each session focused on areas of development.  I achieved my goals and more than I originally anticipated.

Throughout, the end goals were clear, and each session helped me improve on a weekly basis.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, although sometimes out of my comfort zone, and the sessions were very well managed and organised."

PD, Senior Manager

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